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Law firm SEO services involve improving your law firm’s website so that Google views it as a place of authority. This will lead Google to rank it higher in search engine results pages(SERPs).

Google uses an algorithm to determine if your site is trustworthy, useful, and relevant, and when it does, it will appear higher in organic search results. This can increase clients, especially when you rank for relevant searches like “personal injury law firm near me.”

Organic search results are the standard, unpaid results that Google shows when you make a search. They’re the results shown below the paid ads.

Ranking on the first page of a Google organic search is crucial for the growth of your law firm. The better your ranking, the more organic traffic you’ll get, which means more leads and more clients.

The question is, how do you rank well on Google? And how do you rank in a way relevant to your firm and prospective clients?

This is what law firm SEO is all about.

Many different SEO strategies and agencies are available, each with pros and cons. But the most important thing is that you have an SEO strategy.

What Are Law Firm SEO Services

SEO for lawyers and law firms is necessary. Improving your law firm’s visibility increases potential clients’ chances of finding your services.

Your Target Audience

SEO target audiences

What makes law firm SEO and content marketing different from advertising is that your audience comes to you.

This is a much better way to gain clients than through traditional ads. With traditional advertising, your law firm’s ad needs to be shown to the right audience at the right time, or your firm needs to be so well known that people automatically associate your law firm with any issues they might have. The problem with both approaches is that they’re inefficient and, worse, expensive.

By creating content that answers relevant questions, you can put your firm in front of an audience that is already looking for legal advice.

If you’re a personal injury lawyer, ask yourself which person you’d rather advertise to–someone watching a baseball game or someone trying to learn more about medical malpractice?

Easy. You want the person trying to learn more about personal injury law. That’s the best part of law firm SEO services. There’s very little waste, and you’re firm is visible to a highly relevant audience.

A Law Firm Website isn’t enough

The Internet is highly competitive, especially when it comes to legal marketing. It used to be enough to have a website for your law firm. But now you need to work on your search engine optimization if you want to be found.

Backlinko states, “The majority (59%) of Google users visit a single page during their search session. Only 6% need to visit four or more pages in order to get an answer to their query.” That means you’re not getting traffic if you’re not one of the first few search results. Backlinko goes on to say, “Only 9% of Google searchers make it to the bottom of the first page of the search results…[and] Only .44% of searchers go to the second page of Google’s search results.

Why Organic Search Matters

If you want to grow your law firm’s organic traffic, you need to actively work to be one of the top search results. And that’s where AttorneyClicks can help.

How SEO services help Law Firms

As we’ve shown, there are many reasons why you want to be one of the top Google search results. Most importantly, it can help you get more clients and grow your law firm.

The main benefit of working with a law firm SEO company is that you’ll be working with experts so that you don’t have to worry about the changing world of SEO, which means you’ll save time by getting lasting results faster.

Law Firm SEO Experts

A law firm SEO company is an expert at search engine optimization.

SEO can be highly technical.

Your law firm’s website, backlinks, and content must work together to get the most out of search engines. It takes expertise and a dedicated team to run and implement a successful law firm SEO strategy. A law Firm SEO agency has the staff you need to rise in the search engine rankings.

SEO Is Always Changing

SEO is always changing

SEO is constantly changing as Google updates its algorithm. What worked a few months ago may be hurting you now. It’s vital that your online marketing “play by the rules” because if not, Google will penalize your search engine marketing efforts significantly.

It’s best to work with an SEO agency that knows what it’s doing to avoid this.

SEO takes time – Working with SEO experts will save you time

As you can see, there are many aspects to law firm SEO. It’s technical, time-consuming, and if you do it incorrectly, it can have damaging effects on your web pages.

Working with a law firm SEO agency will help you navigate the uncertainty and help you rank faster. SEO is already a labor and time-intensive process. You can save time by working with a law firm marketing agency that knows how to do good SEO.

What SEM & SEO services can do for Law Firms

Not all SEO services are the same. There are general marketing agencies that happen to have law firms as clients, and then there are law firm-specific agencies. There are pros and cons to both services.

But most full services SEO agencies will offer the following services.

Local SEO services

Local SEO

Most law firms are regional and get clients from their local area. A personal injury lawyer in Atlanta is unlikely to seek clients in Phoenix. Local SEO helps your law firm’s website get found in your region.

The main tool for optimizing your local SEO is your Google Business Profile. A Google Business Profile is a free service Google provides. You provide Google information related to your law firm, and it will begin to show up in Google Maps and Google Searches.

However, it’s more complicated. Google is looking for law firms that are constantly updating their Google Business Profiles and optimizing them to give the user the best experience. Getting your law firm’s Google Business Profile to rank in search engines consistently requires a lot of work.

Google Business Profile management and optimization is a standard law firm SEO service.

Content Marketing

We’ve discussed content marketing briefly above. Content marketing is the practice of creating content that’s optimized for search engines. Any SEO company worth your time will offer content marketing SEO services.

There are many different types of content in the digital marketing space. But the standard is creating SEO-optimized articles for a law firm website targeting a specific keyword that will benefit the law practice.

All SEO companies should offer some form of content marketing. If they don’t, that’s a major red flag.

Website Development

Web Design Graphic

Part of good SEO is providing the user with a good experience. Many law firm websites are outdated or slow. A good website can help SEO but also help all your marketing efforts. Google monitors how site visitors your website gets, and by improving the user experience and web design, you can increase your Google search rankings.

Depending on the age of your site, quality, and marketing budget, a new or updated website is a good investment that will improve your technical SEO, on-page SEO, and overall SEO campaign performance.

Link Building

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link to your law firm’s website. Google uses these links as a signal that your website is considered trustworthy. Link building can be one of the hardest parts of legal marketing and legal SEO.

An SEO company that can provide high-quality links can help your law firm rank higher and faster in Google.

PPC Advertising

While not technically a part of SEO, many attorney SEO services also provide search engine marketing as a service. SEO companies are experts at understanding how search engines work, so naturally. They tend to be good at other search engine marketing services.

That said, be wary of any legal marketing companies that over-emphasize paid search advertising. They may not be SEO experts but be a standard digital marketing company.

What Lawyers should look for in a Law Firm SEO Agency

Law firms are great clients, so law firms need to be selective when it comes to finding marketing for their legal services. Furthermore, law firm SEO and law firm social media marketing are competitive markets. There are a lot of upstart SEO companies, and unfortunately, there are a lot of scams.

But some tips for finding good SEO consultants:

  1. Look for an SEO company that talks the talk. Find a law firm SEO service that can speak to your practice areas.

  2. Please be sure to look for an SEO company that has good SEO. If you found the SEO agency on Google, that’s a good sign they know what they’re doing and can help you with a law firm website.

  3. Check to make sure they’re analytics-based. Ask them about their experience with Google Analytics. SEO and SEM marketing efforts are measurable. If they’re not in the habit of measuring their results, they’re likely a bad SEO partner.

  4. And ask for testimonials and case studies. Happy clients are almost always willing to share their good experiences.

How Long Can You Expect Results From a Law Firm SEO Agency?

SEO agency growth

It can depend. But here are three factors to keep in mind when judging the timeframe for work:

  • Your current site’s rankings

  • How much you’re willing to invest in SEO services

  • Market competition(the amount of content and number of links that content gets)

A rough guide for understanding how long ranking can take in a highly competitive market such as personal injury or in a large metro:

  • Starting from Scratch: Multiple years (at a budget of over $5k per month).

    • Starting from scratch is the hardest position. Search engine optimization rewards brands and websites that have been around for a while. It can take years to land on the first page in highly competitive markets. However, it can be much fast in smaller markets.

  • Established Website, but no SEO effort: 6 months to a year.

    • It depends on the website, what’s been done in the past, and the current strength of the backlink profile. But a site that’s been active for a few years does rank faster than starting from nothing.

  • Established Site, with some SEO Effort: 4 to 6 months, bit could be longer

    • Depending on the market’s competitiveness, it could be much faster or slower. But an established site that has been doing some SEO over a few years can start ranking relatively quickly with the right content marketing efforts.

How Much Can You Spend on Law Firm SEO Services? How much
Does Law Firm SEO Cost?

SEO prices can vary significantly depending on the agency. But you can expect to pay anywhere between $2k to $10k per month when working with a lawyer SEO agency. The specific costs will depend on the project and the competitiveness of your practice area.

The SEO industry and the marketing industry as a whole are full of scammers. If a pitch seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Also, keep in mind if you want your SEO to grow quickly, you will have to spend more money. Backlinks and good content aren’t cheap. There is plenty of SEO at a lower price point, but it may take longer for your site to begin ranking.

AttorneyClicks SEO Services for law firms

Working with a lawyer SEO agency is a great way to build awareness for your law firm and build a pipeline of new clients. It’s vitally important to work with an SEO agency you trust is going to provide you with high-quality work and is going to save your time.

At AttorneyClicks, we provide digital marketing and SEO services for law firms. We pride ourselves on creating SEO campaigns that make a difference and will get you more potential clients. We specialize in helping law firms new to digital marketing get started. So if you have an old site that needs refreshing or want to start driving traffic to your law firm’s website through organic search results, we can help.

Fill out the form below and get your free SEO audit and a free consultation. We’ll help craft an SEO strategy that will get you more clients.

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